Yet another free online web proxy

Hidebux is yet another free online web proxy used to browse websites anonymously. Use this free proxy to surf online anonymously, hide your IP address when you visit a website, protect your privacy and secure your Internet connection. By using this service you agree to the terms of use.


Hide your IP address on Internet

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Yes, you got it right, with this web proxy you can hide your real IP address when you visit remote websites. Everytime you use this web proxy to visit a website, your IP address is hidden behind the proxy IP address. A web proxy is like having a shield in front of your modem or router that protect your online activity and hide your IP address.

Watch online streaming videos anonymously

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Feel free to watch online streaming videos with our high speed web proxy. We have a 100 Mbit/s dedicated server that handles all the connections more than perfectly. You can watch videos that are blocked in your country, or unblock access to video streaming sites. Most users prefer to watch YouTube videos anonymously via our web proxy site.

No need to install software in your PC

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This web proxy works from every web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. You do not need to install any software in your PC, open your web browser and visit , then type any website address you want to visit anonymously and press the "Visit Website" button. Really, this is all that is needed!