About Hidebux Project

Hidebux is yet another free (yes completely free) web-based proxy service. We use a PHP web script to forward you the proxied web pages, this assures that your IP address is hidden behind the IP address of the proxy server. Hidebux handles thousands of connections every day, if you want to support us please share Hidebux with your friends on social networks and on Facebook.

Internet Connection

We highly recommend you to not use this web proxy for illicit purposes or for illegal activities, take into consideration that every website that you visit via this web proxy is logged, along with your real IP address, to respond in case of abuse requests. Make sure to visit legit and safe website, do not do anything bad, and simply enjoy anonymous web browsing, for free.

To increase your online anonymity, you may think about purchasing a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network). We have reviewed the best VPN services available on Internet, so you may find this web page interesting: Best VPN Services. The VPNs that we have reviewed are cheap, reliable, secure and anonymous, what do you want more ?